Trading with LivePointsFirst

We currently wholesale to businesses in the EU. However, they must not be in the UK or sell to consumers in the UK.
To purchase large quantities of Xbox Live goods from us, you need to be able to show us you are a business with plans to resell.
Our prices are competitive and we have a Euro bank account. We only accept payments by way of bank transfer (any other method becomes too expensive) and the payments must be in Euros.


We sell the 2100 points in bulk with a large wholesale discount.
This depends on the number of items you purchase, and there is a minimum order quantity depending on estimated order frequency.
Our prices also reflect loyalty, so a returning business can expect to get a better quote than a first order.
To get a quote, email us at

Delivery and other bits and peices

We deliver our codes by email when emailing to UK consumers, we also dont sell to markets inside the UK, which means we are not directly in competition with the businesses we sell to.
Rather than send the codes by email to businesses, we scan in sets of cards (Generally 12 or 13 per A4 sheet) and email the images as attachments.
This is preferred by businesses as all typographical errors are omitted from one more step in the process.
The sheets of codes are emailed to the business the same day their payment has cleared.
Businesses must also note that they should be able to prove their location, by providing some sort of address-ID.

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