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We are a new company, previously trading solely on eBay (With user-name live-points-first) and decided that it was time to expand, and to offer our buyers cheaper & more competitive prices.

In November 2007, we decided to open our Internet shop, selling only 2100 Xbox live points, and managed to integrate it with the paypal payment system so we could still offer instant delivery of our codes.

We also decided to offer a postal method for the same price, but which forces users to use a different payment method which involves less fees for us, so the difference in fees is roughly equal to the cost of posting the item over digital delivery.

We hope to expand mid 2008 and sell much more than just Xbox live points, and this will happen from our new site, (which is not accessible to the public).

Terms and Conditions

To keep this site running, users must abide to the simple terms and conditions listed here:

1) Users must be from the United Kingdom
2) Users paying by PayPal must have a confirmed address ( See here)
3) Users paying by card using SecPay may have to wait up to 2 weeks to receive their item
4) Users paying by PayPal may not receive their code instantly, and in this rare case it is not the fault of LivePointsFirst, but a technical glitch. Users in this situation should email
5) Buyers who attempt to pay by PayPal with unconfirmed addresses may be blocked from the site, for a set time period or for life
6) Buyers wanting to use SecPay as a payment method must have an account
7) Buyers who have used PayPal to pay are automatically given an account
8) Buyers (Paying by PayPal or SecPay) may be required to authenticate their details, which may consist of a phone call to them or a letter with a special code in. Buyers agree to comply if this is deemed necessary by LivePointsFirst

Privacy Policy

Whenever you buy a code from LivePointsFirst, you give us you personal details. What else? What do we do with them?

Users all give their Full Name, Full Address, Phone Number when they buy using PayPal or SecPay
Users who sign u with an account give their IP Address


However, it will be stored for either Dispatch or for our records
This means that if you buy using paypal, then later sign up for an account with us you will be able to see any old orders.
You may request (email to have your details erased, however this must be accompanied by a note in writing to say that every one of your codes bought from us has been received and have worked and you are happy with them.

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